We are open minded and ready to listen to constructive comments and actively encourage new ideas and innovations by providing opportunity for personal growth and developing themselves.

Why Work With Us

Careers - ITWare India

Flexibility & Choice

Our associates are empowered to make decisions to improve their work and benefit our customers. So we seek candidates who want to be involved, are open to change, are continuous improvement minded and enjoy sharing their ideas.

Flexible Leaders

We Consider the value you bring to our organisation and the manner in which you contribute. We tap each person’s true potential by managing you, or rather leading you so effectively

Careers - ITWare India
Careers - ITWare India

Mentoring & Collaboration

We engage associates both intellectually and emotionally. Through mentoring, they identify themselves as a vital part of the organisation while creating a heightened level of ownership and also ensuring that associates feel committed to accomplishing their work in accordance to the vision of the organisation.

At ITWare a mentor assists the trainee in understanding and adhering to the standards of conduct within their profession.

Team Work

We have a deeply held belief that together we can accomplish far more than individually. It’s about a common purpose, driven by a tight collective, who as a team achieve great things. We are better together.

Careers - ITWare India
Performance Development Planning

Performance & Development

The Performance Development Planning (PDP) enables each staff person to understand their true value added to the organisation.

In the process, associates also set personal developmental goals that will increase their ability to contribute to the success of the organisation. The accomplishment of these goals also provides a foundation for your career success whether in your organisation or elsewhere, so they ought to be motivated and excited about achieving these goals.

We will be having performance development planning (PDP) Meeting in periodically during this process we establish a comfortable, private setting and chat a few minutes to establish rapport with the associate to discuss and agree upon the objective of the meeting to create a performance development plan.

The associate is given the opportunity to discuss the achievements and progress accomplished.

The associate member identifies ways in which he would like to further develop his professional performance, including training, assignments, new challenges and so on.

The team leaders discuss the associate’s performance for the period and suggests ways in which the staff member might further develop his performance.

Growth Opportunities

Here you can explore, and accelerate your personal growth to achieve your career aspirations. The scale and breadth of our organisation offers you variety and choice in your career direction – up or across the business. It’s about defining your own course, and having the support to reach your destination.

Global Mobility Program, which is especially designed for ambitious and talented staff to further develop their skills and abilities by transferring to another office in another country for an extended secondment.

This program provides you with an opportunity to experience a completely different country and culture while further developing your business skills and abilities.

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